Nayad Bal


I believe that the jewelry I produce are all small miracles. And whoever  wears them , rejoice in the joy, laughter, love, comfort and healing they provide. I produce new collections every  year under different themes. Birds and chakras are my indispensable ones. Silver, gold, diamond, natural stones , colors and dreams…They all merge and take their places on our bodies.

I am an architect and mother of triplets, here is how my interest for jewelry started; At a very  desperate  part of my life, doctors kept on insisting that I would never have children and if it ever happened , it would have been a big miracle. I kept  searching for a hope everywhere including reading books about self help, self improvement, energies, universe, quantum, positive thinking etc…

At that time, I had a favourite ring which I almost never take off.It was given as a gift by an old craftsman working in the Grand Bazaar , Istanbul, whishing me luck while handing it to me. I had named it ‘’ Miracle ‘’ and my miracles came true. I had tree sons. This really sounds simple to tell, but I stil remember my struggles.

This was when I decided to design miracles myself. I had gratuated from French School, I had studied Architecture in Istanbul Technical University, made my master degree abroad, who cares! I started to design jewelry in 2008. Since then, things changed, my tiny studio grew bigger,teammates grew more, clients increased. My products are sold all over Turkey and abroad. Anything made with love finds its position.

All of us have a supremacy and power within, that has to be discovered. Our aim is singing our own song, using our full potential to reach the best version of ours. I am waiting for you, too. Coffee , tea is always available, Come….
Kisses, hugs
Let it be a brillant day,
Nayad Bal

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